You can get your Minimal Sandals® from this website.


Once you have the purchase order, fill in the form fields you will find at the end of this page.


At this point, you are part of Minimal Sandals® Experience community. Now you can send us photos, videos, comments, items we can improve in Minimal Sandals and any contribution you think it is of interest to minimalsandals@gmail.com


We will send you an invitation to all our events organized by Minimal Sandals. All the technical information you send us, will be sent to the development area so as to study and take into account for the coming designs. Moreover, we will give you some points for each photo and video you send us so you can get for free any product you are interested in of Minimal Sandals®.

Below all this information you can see the chart. Once you have all the points needed to acquire a product you only have to tell us and we will exchange 1 point for 1 Euro:

- Normal photo 1 point   - Normal video 2 point.

- Photo of interest 2 points   - Video of interest 3 points.

The photos and videos of interest are those which are taken in relevant places such as races, known places, or any other reason that arouses an additional interest. (In case we receive several photos or videos taken in the same place, only one will be valid. 15 are the maximum points in a month. Points from the Experience community are not compatible with other promotions in the web).

Of course we are at your disposal in case you have any doubts or for any issue you think is of common interest.

Thank you for being part of Minimal Sandals® Experience and we hope you enjoy it…

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